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Blackhill is a leading independent provider of IT Asset & Cloud Portfolio Management services. Our high value impact includes our ability to navigate Software Vendor strategies and Product Roadmaps, to secure the most optimal contractual and commercial constructs for our clients.

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During the last financial year, we saved our customers more than $25M in software costs.

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IT Asset Management & Advisory Services

Our team of experienced professionals offers a comprehensive assessment of your IT environment, which includes a review of your licensing agreements, cloud infrastructure usage and costs, and existing IT assets. Based on our findings, we provide recommendations on how to optimise your licensing investments, reduce cloud sprawl, and drive cloud cost efficiencies.
Our approach is flexible, vendor-agnostic, and tailored to meet the unique needs of each customer. We work closely with clients to understand their specific challenges, pain points, and business objectives, and develop a strategy that aligns with their goals.
Partnering with Blackhill enables organisations to streamline their IT operations, reduce costs, and achieve better outcomes from their technology investments.

Service Offerings

IT & Data Asset Management

We'll assist you in making your IT and Data Assets work for you by implementing time-saving and cost effective strategies.

Software Asset & Cloud Portfolio Management

We'll assist you in securing the most optimal contractual and commercial constructs that will work for you.

Professional Advisory Services

We understand that every customer is unique and that a deep understanding of the priorities of each business is necessary.
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We take care of all your IT Needs

Since our business was founded 7 years ago, we have enabled numerous organisations to optimise their existing licensing investments, reduce cloud sprawl and drive Cloud cost efficiencies.

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IT & Data Asset Management

As technologies and licensing agreements become more complex, especially when you take Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) environments into account, and as vendor audits become more aggressive, figuring out a way to manage it all can be daunting. Managing the complexity of today’s software lifecycle requires procurement tracking, administration of licences and controlling cloud costs across multiple vendors.

Blackhill’s Software Asset Management (SAM) advisory service is vendor-independent, looking beyond the bill of materials to offer solutions that ensure the best outcome and price point based on industry averages. Whether your business needs assistance with licensing, general license management, or cloud optimisation, Blackhill ensures you get the most value out of what has already been purchased, and that you only make new purchases that will benefit your business.

Our extensive experience means that we understand the vendor roadmap, the mechanics of licensing, and the full history of licensing rules, and use that knowledge to help your business find new ways to optimise your estate. We go further than just analysing the existing estate, utilising best of breed SAM and cloud cost assessment tools, enabling you to better interpret your digital estate in the context of your business goals. This allows for the creation of a technology plan that can help you reach your objectives in the most cost effective and optimised way possible, ensuring cost efficiencies, compliance and risk mitigation.

Software Asset & Cloud Portfolio Management

For all businesses, agility, flexibility and the ability to evolve with technology is crucial. Cloud computing has emerged as an essential part of any IT strategy as a result of cloud services improving organisational agility and greatly lowering the burden of IT infrastructure and cost. However, with new cloud solutions being introduced regularly, companies have to be sure they are getting the best capabilities across storage, business continuity, security, and application deployment, among others.

Cloud readiness assessment

Migrating some or all of your infrastructure to the cloud can be daunting, which is why we have designed a cloud readiness assessment that not only helps organisations determine what to migrate and when, but can help reduce cloud sprawl and drive cost efficiencies.

Working across network, device, application and server estates, we build an implementation roadmap to keep disruption to a minimum. Starting with an evaluation of your entire ecosystem, we design a long-term cloud migration roadmap that efficiently manages the migration over time. This is informed by detailed insight that helps determine how cloud-based scalability can increase your organization’s agility.

We help you understand better ways of managing costs through on-demand, pay-per-use subscription models and identify whether any licensing gaps can be resolved in the cloud. Combined with a proactive organisational change management process, Blackhill’s cloud readiness assessment ensures positive end user adoption, improved cost efficiencies and greater flexibility.

Public cloud services

A good, trusted partner can help to guide an organisation through the difficult process of setting up their cloud solution, making sure that they get the best technology the industry has to offer, at the lowest cost, and that it is used in the most beneficial ways.

No two IT environments are ever the same, and the cloud is no different. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, because every company has unique requirements, technologies, implementations, and cloud computing strategies. We provide public cloud solutions on platforms like Microsoft Azure that offer the right combination of price, performance, security and availability to meet your business goals.

Advisory Services

IT &, Data Asset and Cloud cost Management has changed from merely a tick-box exercise to a critical discipline that directly supports and enables Security and Data privacy regulatory compliance requirements.

We understand that every customer is unique and that a deep understanding of the priorities of each business is necessary. Blackhill’s approach is product, vendor and technology agnostic and customers can choose from a portfolio of once-off assessments or a complete IT Asset Management.